What We Do

Our primary goal at Faith Café is to feed the hungry. Monday through Saturday, we offer guests a comfortable, safe environment to come and enjoy a meal. Our volunteers are trained to give our guests the respect and love they deserve. One way we show our respect is to call each guest “Sir” or “Madame”, respectively. In addition, in the spirit of service, we serve our guests plates of food and a drink of their choice, as if they are in a restaurant. We do not have a buffet line they are expected to walk through and we make sure volunteers clean up after our guests; our guests are not expected to throw away their own trash. When everyone has been fed, we do our best to clean the “restaurant” in preparation for the next day.

Another goal of this ministry is to distribute lightly used clothing, blankets, coats, toiletries and other essential items. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, a volunteer works in our “Angel Closet” to sort and offer these materials to our guests. We accept all types of donated clothes and if we cannot use an item, we donate it to a facility that we know will use it. No item goes to waste. No donation is too small. Every little bit helps.

Finally, we look forward to meeting the needs of our community by supporting guests and getting them information on other resources in Tampa. Different people have different needs, so we keep current information related to shelters, family resources, health related resources, and other organizations that support our guests in ways that we cannot. Our volunteers make an effort to form relationships with guests. The volunteers are aware of the resources available and pay close attention to the needs of certain guests. Referrals to other organizations are offered on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteer Serving Food