There are several opportunities to volunteer with Faith Cafe.  Recently, we have automated our sign-up process in order to help you match up your schedule with our needs for servers and drivers for Faith Cafe.

Volunteer Sign-up:

Below are the instructions to sign-up through Sign-Up-Genius.  If you need any assistance signing up or have other questions about volunteering, please contact us at volunteers@faithcafe.com. All persons that want to volunteer need to, individually, select a slot on the signup and answer the question that they have read and will comply with the document.

To sign-up or review the schedules, click on the link below.  Then you will be able to sign up in the following 3 steps:

1. Select slots to volunteer for the dates you are interested. Note that you need to click on "Submit and Sign Up" for each tab representing a day of the week before selecting another tab.
2. Either sign in to your sign-up-genius account OR make a new account.
3. Answer a few additional questions for the sign-up including your acknowledgement that you will abide by the agreement in the volunteer information packet.(Volunteer Information Packet)

Link to Sign-Up

If you are volunteering at Faith Cafe for service hours, you must bring your sheet to be signed the day you volunteer. No exceptions.

Volunteer Opportunities:


Since the majority of our food is prepared off-site at Metropolitan Ministries, we need someone to pick it up on a daily basis. Generally there are three or four containers of hot food, along with bread, and desserts that needs to be picked up. After lunch, the containers need to be returned.


Our method of feeding the hungry derives from service. It is our job to bring the food to our guests, refill their drinks, and make them feel welcome. Starting at 10:30, we prepare the dining room for our guests. We open the door at 11:30, and cleanup is generally complete by 1:30. It can be a little hectic when the dining room is crowded, but we always have a lot of fun.


Want to get more involved? Faith Cafe has several committees that you can help to further our mission of feeding the hungry. Click here to find out more.

If you are interested in volunteering at Faith Cafe, please download the Volunteer Information Packet.

For more information, please email:
If you are performing court ordered community service, please let us know.

Serving Juice
  • Drivers
  • Servers
  • Clean up
  • Food prep
  • Plating up lunch