Want to get more involved?

The following is a list and summary of several committees the Board of Directors developed to help support the mission to feed the hungry. All volunteers are welcome to join a committee. For more information regarding these committees or your involvement on a committee, please contact Jeanette Conley at Jeanette.conley@hotmail.com

Home Base Committee

This committee focuses on finding us a permanent, long-term location. The purpose of the committee is to apply for grant money, coordinate and research with local organizations to find a building that will support our mission to feed the hungry. Jim Mikes advised that he will develop the property towards the end of 2011 so this committee will work with the Fund Raising Committee to make sure Faith Café has a place to reside.

Daily Operations Committee

This committee helps manage the day to day operations and bring ideas/policies to the board for approval. Rule enforcement, facility maintenance issues, daily coordinator management/training, clothing closet issues, guest issues and problems- all are addressed by this committee.

Scheduling/Volunteer Committee

Coordinate scheduling of volunteer groups through the website. Coordinate volunteer training and appreciation events. Manage and submit policies for volunteers to the board for approval.

Social Work Committee

Relay information to guests regarding referrals to other organizations. Manage and educate board on homeless statistics/community services. Maintain positive relationship with Homeless Coalition and Metropolitan Ministries.

Fund Raising Committee

Monetary donations, grants, gifts of services, etc. This committee will work with the home base committee on developing a plan for funds needed for a different Faith Café location. The committee will also coordinate fundraising events.

Board Development Committee

Revise by-laws, educate new board members on board committees and current events/miscellaneous documentation, general board education.

Serving Juice
  • Drivers
  • Servers
  • Clean up
  • Food prep
  • Plating up lunch